Data security

Data security

There is hardly any field where data security is as important as in genetic diagnostics. That is why we have numerous security measures integrated into our processes, with the purpose of ensuring the security of your data.

Data is stored separately

The identity of a customer will be kept separately from the analysis results and each are stored on an independent security server. The connection between this information can be established only by authorized personnel, after fingerprint and password verification. In this way the data is completely safe, even in the event of a burglary and computer theft.

Fingerprint verification

During the analysis process, the personnel must repeatedly submit to fingerprint verification to proceed to the next step of the analysis or to evaluate the results. If a computer terminal is not used for two minutes, it disables itself and can only be re-activated with a valid fingerprint. In this way the results and processes are only accessible to the authorized personnel.

Encrypted samples identity

Upon receipt of a sample, it is provided with an encrypted, numerical code; this code locks the customer data on a secured server. For the course of analysis, only the numerical code is used, while the identity of the client itself is not visible to the staff.

Highest online security

Since internet passwords for the log-in only offer a limited degree of security, we have developed a system that meets the same security requirements as an online banking system. When you log into your health portal, an access code is sent to your registered cell phone number via SMS, which is only valid for 15 minutes and expires after usage. This will optimally protect you from hostile attacks or computer viruses that can store passwords.

Encryption for external analysis

If the sample must be analyzed in an external laboratory, it will be provided with an encrypted code number, prior to the shipping. In this way, the testing laboratories do not have access to the identity of the customer. Data security is thus ensured during this process