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Be careful with dubious genetic test offers!

Learn what you should look for in genetic tests in order to protect yourself from dubious offers!

What you should consider when doing a genetic test

Whether you are having the genetic testing from DNA Plus or one from another provider, there are some questions you should clarify in advance for protecting yourself from unnecessary or frivolous genetic testing offers. Please read the questions below for more details.

Are all the relevant genes tested?

This is one of the most important points. In clinical practice it is quite common to begin with a small genetic analysis and to initially test for a single gene defects. Or a single gene will be tested although there are more risk genes which may have a defect. In these cases, the validity of the genetic tests is limited, as the fact that a particular gene has no defect does not mean that there are no defects in another gene associated with this disease.

Is the genetic defect frequent enough to justify a genetic test?

This is an important point, which is often not considered. Some gene defects are so rare that a genetic test simply cannot be justified. One example is the hereditary fructose intolerance. About one in 20,000 people have a defect in the relevant gene, which means that only one in twenty thousandth tests makes sense. These tests bring profit to their vendors, even if they have no practical application. Our genetic tests were compiled taking into account this fact. The frequency of each genetic defect for which DNA Plus offer analyses can be found on the product page.

Are you adequately advised?

Genetic tests are a complex issue and therefore you should make sure that detailed advice is available and that you will find out all the important information about the genetic test. The interpretation of the results can be complicated under certain circumstances, and you should have the opportunity to ask an expert. For this reason, our genetic tests can be carried out only under expert advice of our partners or your family doctor. Additionally, easy to understand reports and detailed advice videos are at your disposal. Please contact us and we will recommend one of our partners.

Are the results easy understandable?

Few people can use a statement like "You are homozygous for a risk allele of the Factor V Leiden mutation". For this reason, result is prepared in plain language.

You have an increased risk of disease ... - now what?

Many genetic test providers focus on the detection of disease-causing gene defects and the scope of services usually ends at this point. Make sure that you get a prevention program in the event of an increased disease risk, which helps prevent the disease.

Are there effective preventive measures for the disease?

Be wary of genetic testing which test for diseases for which there are no effective preventive or treatment measures. In this case, the knowledge of a genetic risk is a mental load which cannot be countered with preventive measures. Although this knowledge could be of interest for some people, the benefits are very limited. DNA Plus has no such genetic testing in the program and only offers genetic testing that can also yeld preventive measures.

If it is a medical service or a “just for fun” test?

Many genetic tests are sold as "novelty" or “just for fun” tests – which means they must not align to the strict regulations (quality assurance, etc.) of the medical genetic tests. These genetic tests are typically not monitored by doctors and should in no way provide a basis for health measures. Our genetic analyzes are a medical service that operates only under the highest quality standards.

Are the genetic tests scientifically validated?

Some genes have not yet been sufficiently scientifically validated to allow a clear confirmation on the relationship between a gene and a disease. Therefore, DNA Plus considers for the program only those genes that have been frequently identified as risk genes in large scientific studies.

Are the preventive programs under medical supervision?

Make sure that your preventive measures are compiled and monitored by doctors. Only in this way you can also ensure that you receive medically accurate information for prevention. DNA Plus collaborates with leading doctors and scientists in order to provide preventive measures of the highest medical standards.

Is your data safe?

Data security is an important aspect in this area. Ensure that data security measures are observed and that no one else has access to your analytical results. At DNA Plus, we meet severe data protection measures to ensure the highest security for your data. Convince yourself; you can find more information under "Security".