DNA Plus - Zentrum für Humangenetik GmbH

Who we are

The DNA Plus center for human genetics focuses on the new possibilities in personalized genomics. It enables the general population to gain access to the newest advances in genetic technologies for disease prevention purposes.

Every person carries inherited genetic defects that greatly increases their risk of developing certain diseases. Knowing of personal predispositions enables one to take preventive measures before the disease develops. DNA Plus aims to make these new possibilities widely available until the general health care system finally chooses to adopt these new technologies.

Any genetic test is only valuable, if the results are understandable for the individual. As a consequence, specific focus lies on the way the results are presented. DNA Plus aims to extensively counsel each customer through consultation videos before and after each genetic test to ensure the best possible benefit to the customer.

As all genetic analyses are performed by our state certified genetics laboratory in austria, the customer benefits from the highest quality standards regulated by the austrian law for genetic technologies. All genetic tests performed by DNA Plus are scientifically validated and state certified.

Genetic tests by DNA Plus only include:

  • Genes, that were scientifically validated as disease risk genes
  • Genes, that carry frequent defects in the general population
  • Genes, that cause predispositions to diseases that are curable or preventable

DNA Plus does not offer: Genetic tests for diseases that have no effective prevention or treatment options These strict ethical guidelines and the high degree of government regulation for genetic testing services in Austria and Germany are an excellent basis for a personal genomics service for disease prevention purposes.